Brandi Sea Heft-Kniffen
President, Albuquerque
Brandi Sea Heft-Kniffin is an award-winning designer, speaker, educator, and creative leader. With over 17 years of experience as a Creative Director, Art Director, and Designer, she founded her own media platform that consists of a weekly podcast, Design Speaks, YouTube channel, Design Tip Tuesday, and a blog, Design Matters; all built on her ideas that a specific design process, words, design thinking, and real life inspiration are the keys to creating standout work. Brandi has been awarded for her poster design work including Judge’s Choice at the 2016 Adobe Creative Jam. In 2017, she was also awarded a prestigious “Albuquerque 30" award from the American Advertising Federation, which celebrates the 30 greatest ideas of the year and has also taught Advanced Design Concepts at her alma matter, Southwest University of Visual Arts. Brandi loves words, process, iteration, arranging her books chromatically, and inspiration-collecting. She believes design thrives in constraint and that a great design process will solve any problem. Website  | Behance | Linkedin  | Twitter
Veronica Muñoz
Vice President, Albuquerque
Emily Heintzelman
Treasurer, Albuquerque
Emily Heintzelman works for the Student Life Marketing Department at the University of New Mexico. For various campus partners, her department specializes in creating design (print, promo items, and web-based projects) and marketing strategies that engage and create value for the student population as well as the community. In the past, she has worked on projects for the University of Cincinnati's Community Design Center and consumer brands such as Crest, Luvs, and Millstone Coffee. Emily earned her BFA in graphic design from Ohio University and her master's degree in Community Planning/Urban Design from the University of Cincinnati.  After moving to New Mexico, she became involved in AIGA to learn more about the local design community. In her free time, she loves to play outside, practice yoga, and hang out with her dog, Annie.
Caitlin LeMoine
Secretary, Santa Fe
Caitlin LeMoine is a graphic designer and illustrator. She started in journalism and then moved her way around industries, designing various things for universities, coffee roasters, marketing firms, and non-profits before moving to Santa Fe. She is now a lead graphic designer at Meow Wolf.
Alexa Verardo
Membership Director, Albuquerque
Alexa Verardo is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator (+color addict) in Albuquerque. An advocate for design and creative community, Alexa serves as the membership director for AIGA New Mexico and is always looking for opportunities to meet and chat with other creatives across all disciplines. Before she made the jump into freelancing, she worked as a chalkboard artist and graphic designer for Whole Foods in Colorado and New Mexico for more than 14 years. She specializes in unique, thoughtful, eye-catching, and playful design and illustration.
Mia Casesa
Education Director, Albuquerque
Corie Chambers
Communications Coordinator, Albuquerque