ABQ Design Summit Workshops and Lectures


Joel Martinez & Iris Morales,
owners of EME Design Studio


EME Design Studio is a branding and creative consulting agency based in the border city of El Paso, Texas. Recognized nationally and internationally, EME creates dynamic, vibrant brand systems and creative solutions. Joel Martinez & Iris Morales met in design school and started their careers in graphic design in Las Vegas. Three years later, they moved to El Paso, where they started EME Design Studio. Sitting between Mexico and the US, their work is bursting with personality, drawing inspiration from many places.

Lyn Bain & Ben Nargi,
Chili Interactive & Aptima Inc.


Lyn Bain is an interaction designer and user researcher with Chili Interactive in Santa Fe. As a consultant, Lyn has worked on web, desktop, mobile, and conversational (voice/text) products for companies of all sizes and in many industries. Lyn likes to say that she works on the things “behind the password” – rather than on customer-facing websites – and specializes in making complicated tools, conversations, and applications easy and natural for users. Lyn makes no apologies for naming her company Chili (instead of Chile) Interactive. The company was founded 10 years before her move to New Mexico and Chili was the best dog ever so that spelling will stay like it is!

Ben Nargi is an experience designer at Aptima Inc. who works on a variety of tools/projects that deal with performance assessment, decision making, and measurement. You can typically find him in the woods somewhere collecting requirements, jamming on the design tool of the month, and interacting with users. His education focused on medical device analysis, ecological interface design, and human-machine interaction.

Lyn and Ben are both members of the Albuquerque User Experience Group (ABQ UX) which has over 70 members and serves both the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas. For more information or to join, head over to meetup.com/ABQ-UX

Señorita Ruth,

Senorita Ruth, Copywriter

Ruth started writing copy around 2007, for the website ThisNext, as a contractor to generate content to the new space. Since then, she’s gone on to create written descriptions for retail websites, marketing materials, and ad campaigns. Additionally, she is also an editor with a keen sense for cleaning up and cutting down. You can currently find Ruth participating in Deep Dive Coding Camp 2019. Find her online on Twitter and Instagram (@senoritaruth).